The construction sector is constantly searching for smart building materials which not only increase the effectiveness of the building but also ensure that the homeowners will save a lot of money and enjoy a high level of domestic comfort. What they need in order to meet all these demands are intermediates from an expert such as TER Group who knows and understands the challenges faced on the construction site. We deliver smart solutions in the form of chemicals (including waxes and adhisives) and polymers, in order to make the job on the construction site as easy and efficient as possible.

Further applications in the Construction segment

The divisions of TER Group produce and supply many of the intermediates used in the construction sector. An overview of further TER Group applications for the Construction segment is provided below.



    • Furniture
    • Greenhouse films
    • Mountings / fittings
    • Pipes / hoses
    • Plumbing / heating / pumps
    • Profiles / semi-finished products
    • Roofing
    • TT
    • Ventilation / air conditioning
      • Prefabricated elements
      • Roofing
      • Sandwich panels

      Source Materials

        • Setting accelerators
        • Retarders
        • Adhesion enhancers
        • Wetting agents
        • Binders
        • Dispersants
        • Defoamers
        • Colorants
        • Fillers
        • Hydrophobing agents
        • Air entraining agents
        • Rheology additives
        • Processing enhancers
        • Thickeners
        • Liquefiers

        Further segments

        TER Group offers the manufactoring industry a wide range of specialty chemicals, food additives, waxes and resins as well as polymers and adhesives. A global network of suppliers ensures that the best available materials are sourced for every task at hand. In our role as a technology partner, we also come up with complementary solutions that are developed in our own production facilities to meet special customer requirements.




        Food & Feed


        Personal Care